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Bigger Than Decay But Not By Much

August 9th, 2019

cover art for BTDBNBM

Hey all, TGIF. Sorry it’s been a lil minute, but this one needed to simmer.

This month’s release is made with one of my favorite formats in mind: the 2CD ambient album (SAW II, Stars of the Lid, etc.).

Bigger Than Decay But Not By Much is a collection of tracks spanning from 2006 to last June, that, while stylistically similar, involved a lot of different techniques / methods / tools. The challenge here was emphasizing the common thread during mixing and crafting it all into something coherent. I’m excited for how it came out, and hoping this one can find a home with a label some time later on.

(By the way, disc 2 starts on track 13.)

We’re almost through another hottest-summer-ever-on-earth now. Hope you’re all staying cool.

take care,

Else (again)

July 3rd, 2019

cover art for Else (again)

Hey everyone, hope your summers are going good. This week, XFest had its inaugural NY edition, which was a lovely / messy success thanks to the efforts of Dei Christ, David Drucker, and Federico Balducci. Now we’re all back to being glued to our AC units for a bit.

Meanwhile, the relentless tidying of the vault continues unabated this month. I have a couple releases to announce here. One is Else (again) – a cover, actually, of the first Else tape, from 2015 or so. At the time, I had put together a live arrangement for guitar duo, and was playing that around town with Norihiro Kikuta. Since then I’d always wanted to rerecord this EP properly. (The original is kind of a lofi mess.) Last spring I was putting together a noise-table setup, and figured playing through the EP would be a good way to break it in. So, this can be thought of as a cleaner re-do of the original Else tape, using synthesizers instead of guitars. It’s a really nice listen.

The second release is a cassette single that was put out by Wee Space Tapes last November: It’s All Wrong / Overstated. The vibe here is mid-90’s downer pop / alt rock b-sides. Just me, singing and playing guitar. Kind of a prelude to the Anura stuff I’ve been working on.

OK, all for now. Thanks for reading and listening! As always, be in touch about any projects / shows / ideas, or just to say hey. See you out there.

xoxo B


June 11th, 2019

cover art for Retiform

Hi all! Here’s a longform piece from Esther Chlorine called Retiform. It’s a semi-composed, single-take performance with one or two small edits. In it, I’m playing through Greg’s 8-channel custom broken-cassette-player system.

The piece is divided into sections, planned out after previous takes were recorded and listened to.

The last track is an alternate take, one with more fluid transitions that are harder to define.

All for now. xo B