hey exit


hello, it's me

Hey Exit is Brendan Landis. He lives in Queens NY.

Get in touch at hey@heyexit.com. (In 2019 I'd like to play more shows and release music on more labels, just throwin' it out there. :3)

Logo by Nim Ben-Reuven.

Photo by Seth Chrisman.

A box to contain evil:
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AW says: great website to visit thank yoU!

tjohns says: yo.

Painted Faces says: What up gangster, it's your boi, the Ridgewood Ripper....shouting out my love to the homie, Hey Exit (also Anura)....doing big things in 2019 and 2020 Japan bound and beyond! D

thirteencolonies says: R.I.P. Keith Flint 1990s forever