hey exit


Rather than releasing music under ten different monikers, I prefer to release (almost) everything as Hey Exit, and divide them by series, one for each train of thought.

These are the primary standalone releases, each a self-contained project.

Else is an annual record-it-in-one-shot kind of series, done each spring. A creative birthday of sorts, the first one came about in a quick burst after a long period of silence.

Silly as it may be to call a single release a "series", this one stands out pretty starkly in the discography. Nothing is where a lot of the more negative stuff goes.

Anura is one series that's now turned into its own project. This space is for downer pop / shoegaze / slowcore vibes.

Slow Names is kind of hard to explain. You could say it's the R&D department, but I feel like that would be selling it short. It's a journal of sorts.

Every once in a while, I'll perform an exercise to get myself out of a creative rut. In these first two, it was recording 30 short ideas.

H.E.X. is a collaborative series of c20 cassettes.

Static Works are pieces where nothing changes.