Hey Exit

Hey Exit is a collection of projects.

It started in 2009, and over the years expanded into multiple series across interests and disciplines—from new age doom to downer pop to grindcore and plenty in between.

contact: hey@heyexit.com

Old Sight (Slow Names 10.1)

Glass Knots, May 2020

Recorded in 2018, refined in 2020.
Brendan Landis - guitar, synths

“Despising myself, isolating myself, believing I was defending an inner territory belonging only to me, who was I in the darkness of this tower? Master of what? What was my appearance, what false identity? I was nothing but the rarefied air of an egotistical obscurity.

“And suddenly, from both inside and outside, a nameless force emerged, the love that sustains all matter. My top opened as well as my inmost depths. The combined energies of Heaven and matter crossed through me like a hurricane. I knew the burning center of the Earth, the light from the center of the universe. I received the vibrating universal axis; I was no longer a tower but a channel.”

– Jodorowsky, And If the Tower Spoke

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Logo illustrated by Nim Ben-Reuven. (Treatments by Brendan.) Thanks Petra for help with writing everything.