Hey Exit

Hey Exit is more like a collection of music projects than a stable band.

It's been going since 2009, and encompasses a few different styles and disciplines, each of which has its own series, linked above.

Some of these are trains of thought that have spun off into their own bands, some are buckets for collecting certain kinds of compositions (or spellwork or whatever), some are distinguished by the unique role they play in my own life.

Thanks for reading and listening. Feel free to reach out if anything.

contact: hey@heyexit.com

video / edit: Matthew Sanchez


Already Dead Tapes and Records, Jun 2020

songs by Brendan Landis, mostly 2018-2019

Norihiro Kikuta - synths at the end of Great Movement
David Drucker - guitar solo on Soak
Lenna Pierce - cello on Great Movement

thanks Josh & Druck & AD crew, Petra, Kid, Sev

cover photo by Amy Mills

Dear specters, I don't even believe
You are here, so how is it
You're making me comprehend
Things I would rather not know just yet?

- Charles Simic

You can buy the tape on bandcamp, or listen on spotify, tidal, or itunes.

Hey Exit logo illustrated by Nim Ben-Reuven. (Treatments by Brendan.)

Anura and Receive logos illustrated by Jackson Kovalchik.