Hey Exit


Already Dead Tapes and Records AD337, Jun 2020
cassette, digital
photo of physical release
You can buy the tape on bandcamp, or listen on spotify, tidal, or itunes.

songs by Brendan Landis, mostly 2018-2019

Norihiro Kikuta - synths at the end of Great Movement
David Drucker - guitar solo on Soak
Lenna Pierce - cello on Great Movement

thanks Josh & Druck & AD crew, Petra, Kid, Sev

cover photo by Amy Mills

Dear specters, I don't even believe
You are here, so how is it
You're making me comprehend
Things I would rather not know just yet?

- Charles Simic

picture / edit - Matthew Sanchez

photo of physical release

"These tracks speak like like sea glass, individual journeys through turbulent sediment. The final product can be held with both a sense of beauty and mystery. These selections flicker with radiance like stars behind a thin layer of fog, bright with an elusive warmth, always there yet nostalgically distant."

Lost in a Sea of Sound

"Big, brawny, hooky songs with 20-ton riffs and choruses as sweet as candy make this one of the month's strongest rock albums."

— Bandcamp New & Notable