Hey Exit

Impatient Earth (Slow Names 10.4)

Glass Knots #004, Jul 2020
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Impatient Earth (Slow Names 10.4)
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Brendan Landis - baritone guitar
Greg Gorlen - tape machines

"Fours relate to stabilization; for the unhappy Swords this translates as rest or even just retreat. The image shows not death but withdrawal. People sometimes respond to difficulties by isolating themselves, literally hiding in their houses, or simply flattening their emotional reactions to hide inside themselves. [...]

"Withdrawal, however, can also lead to healing, if the purpose is not to hide but to recoup strength. The card can mean holding back from a fight until there is a better chance of winning. Similarly, by withdrawing for a time after some deep hurt a person gives him or herself a chance to recover."

– Rachael Pollack, description of the Four of Swords

  1. Setting it Outside (2:27)
  2. Flesh Recedes (21:47)
  3. Quick Note for the Kid (2:28)
Impatient Earth (Slow Names 10.4)