Hey Exit

Kites (Slow Names 10.3)

Glass Knots #003, Jul 2020
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Kites (Slow Names 10.3)
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Brendan Landis - guitar, synths

"Usually this card does not signify death, though it can indicate mourning; nor does it show transformation, in the sense of Death in the Major Arcana. Rather it depicts a quiet passage through a difficult time: Waite says, 'The freight is light'; and Eden Gray writes, 'The swords do not weigh down the boat'. Though we carry our troubles with us we have adapted to them; they will not sink us or bear us down. On a simple level it means functioning in some difficult situation without attacking the problems. It can refer to an immediate problem or a situation that has gone on for years. Looking deeper we see the image of a long sorrow – mourning is an example, but not the only one – which a person has felt for so long that it no longer gives pain, but has become a part of life."

– Rachael Pollack, Six of Swords

  1. Some Minor Drift (7:56)
  2. Kites Visible (23:10)
Kites (Slow Names 10.3)