Hey Exit

Old Sight (Slow Names 10.1)

Glass Knots #001, May 2020
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Old Sight (Slow Names 10.1)
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Recorded in 2018, refined in 2020.
Brendan Landis - guitar, synths

“Despising myself, isolating myself, believing I was defending an inner territory belonging only to me, who was I in the darkness of this tower? Master of what? What was my appearance, what false identity? I was nothing but the rarefied air of an egotistical obscurity.

“And suddenly, from both inside and outside, a nameless force emerged, the love that sustains all matter. My top opened as well as my inmost depths. The combined energies of Heaven and matter crossed through me like a hurricane. I knew the burning center of the Earth, the light from the center of the universe. I received the vibrating universal axis; I was no longer a tower but a channel.”

– Jodorowsky, And If the Tower Spoke

  1. Old Sight
  2. I Opened the Door Tonight
  3. When You See it I think You'll Like it Very Much
Old Sight (Slow Names 10.1)
photo of physical release